The first Fortune 500 list was originally published in 1955 and since its creation; it has been one of the best indicators of the top corporations in the US. To those unaware of what the Fortune 500 is, the Fortune 500 is a list compiled by Fortune magazine raking the top 500 public corporations of the US as measured by their gross revenue. Interesting fact – the only company to have been on the list since it has been published is DuPont, a corporation engaged primarily in biotechnology and the manufacture of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

As the years pass by, more and more tech companies have started to enter the Fortune 500 and in the top 100, nearly 10% of companies are in the tech industry. With the immergence of social media in the last decade, it was pretty clear that companies in the Fortune 500 needed to start creating an online presence and this is made obvious that only 7 companies in the top 100 do not have a Twitter account.

However, creating a Twitter account is only half the battle. The other half is becoming an influencer which is not an easy task. It takes time to build up a community & links to your own Twitter account and some companies do it better than others. Using Majestic Campaigns, we will find out how influential the top 10 companies (by revenue) in the Fortune 500 are on Twitter.

So first of all, I will create a campaign on the dashboard called, “Top 10 companies in Fortune 500” with the description, “Filtered by revenue”.


image 1


After setting the campaign up, I will then enter the Twitter URL’s of the Top 10 companies in the Fortune 500.


image 2


Ta-da! After entering the URL’s I now have a whole host of data available. So first of all, let’s look into the charts on top of the page. The first graph shows me the FlowMetrics of each account, how many referring domains it has and also the amount of backlinks is going to that URL.


image 3


So now I have all of this data, let’s look into a specific Twitter account, @Apple. If I hover over their name on the first chart, I can see how they compare against the other companies in the top 10.


image 4


It’s not that much of a surprise that Apple is only 6th in terms of Trust Flow as their account hasn’t tweeted since it was created 5 years ago. (Well they have but unintentionally…)
However, Apple do top the list in terms of referring domains and when you click on the Ref Domains tab in Site Explorer and order the list of links by Trust Flow, it’s evident that highly influential sites took a very keen interest in the iPhone 7 announcement in September.


image 5


Big news sites such as Yahoo, CNN and Bloomberg have linked to Apple’s Twitter account just on the one occasion whilst technology news sites such as Mashable and Wired have linked to the account over 20 times.

So whilst Apple does have the most referring domains out of the top 10, their Trust Flow isn’t as strong as they would hope it would be. Surprisingly enough, General Electric has the best Trust Flow out of the top 10, despite not being as well known in the public eye compared to the likes of Apple and Ford.

Will Apple’s Trust Flow increase? More than likely, however if they want to reach the level of General Electric then they should start tweeting a little bit more! Also, did you know you can view other people’s campaigns if they have a gold subscription? Check it out here!


David Kenning


  • Dixon Jones

    Hi David,
    Great post and really interesting. If you did that on a Gold subscription or higher, maybe you could share the link to the campaign with us all? We can than see what happens over time as the cohort of sites develop?

    November 29, 2016 at 3:07 pm

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