Daily Crawl Data Improvement

By Dixon Jones |

The daily crawl report has just been improved. This means that the data you get on new links discovered on a daily basis will be more accurate.

Majestic SEO’s Pubcon Treasure Hunt – win 25 credits!

By Dixon Jones |

Win 25 credits free at our Pubcon Treasure hunt. Majestic SEO will be sculking around Pubcon in the form of its Marketing Director, Dixon Jones AKA Receptional. All you need to do is to track him down and give him a business card with the word “TREASURE” written on it. How can you find Dixon…

Majestic SEO vs Google Webmaster Tools – responding to Dave Naylor!

By Alex |

Dave Naylor made a tweet last week observing the difference shown by his new geo-location tool using backlinks pointing to his domain from Majestic and Google. We actually missed this tweet but were kindly pointed to by our friends at Wordtracker. It is very nice to be referred to as “majestic“, but at the same…