Majestic is pretty good at handling domain names. We are able to accurately, and at speed, calculate referring domains, then present this data with one of the lowest latencies across any of the “Big 3” backlink indexes (Majestic, Moz, and Ahrefs).

As good as it is, we aren’t perfect, and a handful of TLD’s are handled in a way that is inconsistent with the expectation that we adhere to the modern-day “bible” of public suffix/TLD handling, the Mozilla public suffix list

This problem is split into two parts:

  1. Showing existing links to omitted domains, due to the public suffix miss-match
  2. Counting links from domains hidden behind omitted domains, due to the public suffix miss-match

When we’re asked why we haven’t updated our parsing to include parsing for the Mozilla list, our answer is; we have tried, but found that our Historic Index is too huge!!!

To fully address this, we face either significant costs (to build a new, parallel, Historic Index), or a significant delay in Historic Index turn-around time.  These solutions are very painful, in their own ways.

We do have a roadmap to resolve this issue, but it’s still some way off, so we wanted to find a quick way to address at least some of the problem.

Alex came up with a great idea to lever the redirect logic (see ) to solve the first of our two issues, where we try to better show existing links to troubled domains.

We have just pushed this update live, and you will be able to see the effect of this in the before and after pictures, below…






Steve Pitchford

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