How I became the king of a niche thanks to Majestic

By Krzysztof Marzec |

I’d like to dedicate this short post to one of the useful and interesting functions of Majestic, namely the Search Explorer which I have used recently in one of my projects to find two abandoned domains. The Search Explorer tool makes it possible to check which domains have the most links with a specific anchor…

New SEO Research: Categorization in SERPs

By Dixon Jones |

There seems to be a renewed focus in the Search industry on whether SEOs should start looking more closely at Search Engines Results Pages; (SERPs) that are actively, or passively, using URL categorization. A recent and recommended article by Roger Monti goes into the significant research, whitepapers and even patents about how the main search…

New for 2015: How-To Majestic videos

By Nicola Carey |

When we explained the Majestic re-brand last year, we promised to do more of the same and then a little bit more. So following some new marketing and developments to the website, we thought it was time… Continue reading

Should you Track Competitors by Subdomain, Root Domain (or Home Page)?

By Dixon Jones |

Gabrielle Benedetti asked a brilliant question the other day: Why is Gabriele Asking? When using Majestic, there is a drop down (or if you have personalized your settings, radio buttons) after you hit the search button: This drop down does not appear by default… Continue reading

Historic Index Update

By Dixon Jones |

A quick post to announce that the Historic Index has now updated, with 2.8 trillion URLs in the index. Historic Index Unique URLs crawled: 754,197,288,250 Unique URLs found: 2,806,595,732,577 Date range: 15 May 2009 to 15 Dec 2014 Last updated: 08 Jan 2015 Can you Visualize That? That’s over 300 million… Continue reading

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