Social Media Influencers Are Trusted More Than Ever But How Do You Measure Online Influence?

By David Kenning |

Research conducted earlier this year by Twitter and analytics firm Annalect shows that users trust social media influencers almost as much as they trust their friends. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Influence marketing has always played a massive part in customer buying choices. In the US, Wheaties have included athletes on their cereal boxes since 1934…

How Does Mining, Managing & Adapting Anchor Text Ratios Improve SEO?

By Keith Hodges |

Within the world of SEO there are seemingly endless elements and tweaks that can be made, not only to link building, but across the board, to move a website up the SERPs. In some cases, these are grouped into large boxes – on page, off page, technical etc. The reality is SEO should be much…

We say goodbye to our 2016 Summer Interns

By Rosanne Shepherd |

At Majestic, we are continuously scouting local universities for new talents and regular take on interns and placement students to help build on their knowledge with hands-on and real world experiences. Now that autumn is amongst us, we say goodbye to our 2016 summer interns as they settle back into university life and complete their…

Majestic’s Month in Words – September

By Nicola Carey |

Well we’re into Autumn and I’m already layering up to get to work! Fortunately, the sun stuck around; (just about) for BrightonSEO which kicked off our Q3 events on the 2nd September. Taking place at a new venue of the Brighton Centre, rather than the Brighton Dome, I was intrigued to see if the event…

Chrome and Firefox plugins

By Dixon Jones |

Over the week, many of our users have complained about timeouts and issues with our popular Firefox and Chrome Extensions. The issues have stemmed from automated queries over many years but recently rising to dizzying new heights, which these tools were not designed for. (If you are using automated queries, please use the API which…

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