Backlink history and site host map – More Majestic experimentation

By Samuel Tebbs |

As one of this year’s Summer interns at Majestic, I had the opportunity to add some additional tools to the 2016 labs page which is full of new visuals and concepts when viewing the Majestic dataset. I produced an Isometric projection for backlinks, a site host map to show trends in the Majestic Million and…

Mapping the Internet – Majestic Experimentation

By Tom Goodman |

Digital Tech Map © Kran Kanthawong Data Visualisation has always been one of Majestic’s passions, so when faced with the open-ended brief “Use the D3 library to showcase what Majestic do”, it would come across as a mammoth task for many a programmer – let alone one that had just started. This was the position…

How well do you know Majestic?

By David Kenning |

In early 2015 we asked you how well you know Majestic and now a year and a half on, we feel it would be good to test your knowledge again! Take this quiz and find out if you are still a Majestic Pro! Thanks for completing the quiz! Regardless if you got only 3 answers…

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