Chrome and Firefox plugins

By Dixon Jones |

Over the week, many of our users have complained about timeouts and issues with our popular Firefox and Chrome Extensions. The issues have stemmed from automated queries over many years but recently rising to dizzying new heights, which these tools were not designed for. (If you are using automated queries, please use the API which…

Advanced Link Building Using Topical Trust Flow

By Sante Achille |

Topical Trust Flow is a formidable means to analyse a backlink profile and identify the best possible link building opportunities. In this article we report a case history and introduce a procedure which will allow you to streamline your link building activities. The case history we are about to examine is based on a link…

Backlink history and site host map – More Majestic experimentation

By Samuel Tebbs |

As one of this year’s Summer interns at Majestic, I had the opportunity to add some additional tools to the 2016 labs page which is full of new visuals and concepts when viewing the Majestic dataset. I produced an Isometric projection for backlinks, a site host map to show trends in the Majestic Million and…

Mapping the Internet – Majestic Experimentation

By Tom Goodman |

Digital Tech Map © Kran Kanthawong Data Visualisation has always been one of Majestic’s passions, so when faced with the open-ended brief “Use the D3 library to showcase what Majestic do”, it would come across as a mammoth task for many a programmer – let alone one that had just started. This was the position…

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