Historic Index Update

By Alex |

We have now updated the Historic Index for this month so that it now contains link data all the way from July 2006 through to February 25th 2012. The vital statistics as of today are: 365,690,456,535 Unique pages crawled 3,738,623,508,602 Unique URLs Backlinks Date range: 25 Jul 2006 to 25 Feb 2012… Continue reading

One Hydra integrates with Majestic SEO

By Dixon Jones |

One Hydra is a new integrated SEO and PPC platform aimed at the world’s largest companies. We have been working with Hydra for what seems an age as they develop their platform integrating Majestic SEO’s data. We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Hydra. I asked Hydra’s Becky Hayward to tell us about……

New multi-currency annual plans now available

By Steve Pitchford |

Majestic SEO now supports the purchase of Annual Plans in US Dollars, European Euros, and British Pounds – via credit card or debit card, processed by CyberSource payment processor. Monthly plans are still available to purchase in British Pounds. To… Continue reading

Using unexpected links on the web for predictive analytics

By Dixon Jones |

This presentation is a little removed from my usual “comfort zone” – but I hope it is useful to a few people. I was invited to speak at a conference in San Diego last week on “Predictive Analytics”. There were some great speakers including Matt LeMay from bit.ly. I chose to take some of my…