Its new recruit time at Majestic, and one of the many questions they have asked this week is for a proper explanation of the “Alttext flag”, as shown below:

Illustration of Alttext flag on a Standard Report
We felt it might be appropriate to share the description with a wider audience.

Below is an illustration of the html for a link tag – which shows the code used to link from one page to another on the internet.

Illustration of a link in html code
This link contains a title tag – which is what causes the Alttext flag to be set. In order to present as much information as possible, in the case of a title tag being present in a link ( or an alt tag in a text link ) we currently use two rows for the link data – one containing the Anchor text and target URL without the alttext flag set, and another – this one with the Alttext flag set, but containing the title tag in the anchor text field instead of the Anchor Text.

This apparent duplication of line level data does not effect the link counts presented to the user, though does count towards the line count returned for standard reports.

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