Historic Index Update: January 2013

By Dixon Jones |

We have now updated our Historic Index. Here are the new stats: Historic Index Pages crawled: 391,428,634,355 Unique URLs: 4,060,890,688,027 Date range: 05 May 2007 to 05 Dec 2012 Last updated: 02 Jan 2013   You can keep an eye on our index sizes from the home page of the site. The… Continue reading

Actionable SEO – The Fresh and Historic Indexes

By Chloe |

The Internet has no API. The only way to find out how many links there are is by counting them. However, some ways of counting are faster than others and it is unlikely that any two ways of counting will result in the same number. For example, there are many ways for calculating the world’s…

Majestic’s Festive Present

By Dixon Jones |

New Year’s resolutions are always hard to keep; but when you’re given a free chance to try something that could really improve your success then it makes keeping them much easier. Majestic SEO are bringing in the new year with a bang and offering our Followers 1 month’s free Silver Subscription to Majestic SEO. Continue reading

Search Kingdom Podcast on Disavow and Penalties

By Dixon Jones |

We have a very interesting Search Kingdom podcast lined up for Thursday 28th December, to give you something to listen to between Christmas and the New Year. No hint of carols we promise! Instead we have a case study of a manual link penalty getting lifted with a combination of hard graft, Majestic SEO and…

Set MajesticSEO up as a Search Engine in Chrome

By Dixon Jones |

MajesticSEO as a Search Engine in Chrome Whilst I was setting up the new Backlink Analyzer Extension in the Chrome store last week I noticed that you can easily… Continue reading