Top Websites by Country

By Dixon Jones |

Today we are releasing under creative commons, a list of the top 100,000 websites broken down by the country in which they are hosted. Francois – our French ambassador – was working on some research for another post and asked if we could gethim a list of the top 1,000 websites hosted in France from…

Why is an SEO tool going to eMetrics?

By Dixon Jones |

This year, Majestic SEO have decided to be silver sponsors at eMetrics San Francisco in April 14-18. Q: Why is an SEO tool sponsoring an analytics conference? A: Because Majestic is NOT so much an SEO tool as much as it is a big store of data which SEOs choose you… Continue reading

Historic Index Update

By Alex |

We have now updated our Historic Index with data for start of February 2013. Here are the new stats: Historic Index Unique Pages crawled: 392,120,513,657 Unique URLs: 4,102,926,513,706 Date range: 07 Jul 2007 to 05 Feb 2013… Continue reading

Now in 9 Languages

By Dixon Jones |

Languages Majestic is now available in 9 languages. You can choose your language from the top right hand corner of the main website, or you can bookmark the subdomain of your choice. Or just click on the language you want below. English remains our default language Chinese is an Continue reading

MajesticSEO at SES London

By Newsroom |

On behalf of Majestic SEO, Dixon Jones, Sarah Bradley (@SarahMBradley) and I (@SyedaFerdush) attended SES London’s 14th Annual Event and what a fantastic couple of days it was! Taking place in the vibrant city of London over the course of three days, the conference was jam packed with brilliant talks ranging… Continue reading