Our very own Steve makes the paper

By Nicola Carey |

Steve Pitchford, Development Manager, at Majestic SEO, has been spending no more than £1 a day on all food and drink throughout January. He has already lost a stone and half in his mission to raise money and awareness for The Trussell Trust, which fights poverty in the UK and Bulgaria. To read more or…

Why Verifying a site in Majestic should be in EVERY SEO audit

By Dixon Jones |

I had an interesting support issue this week which every SEO should know about. If you do not verify your website on Majestic’s Webmaster Tools, there is a very real chance that your hosting company is restricting the traffic to your website. Some hosting companies try to keep their bandwidth costs down by not telling……

January Historic Index Update

By Dixon Jones |

We have today updated Majestic’s Historic index.We now have data up to and including Christmas Day. Here are the vital statistics: Historic Index Unique URLs crawled: 632,254,665,857 Unique URLs found: 2,482,001,145,270 Date range: 25 May 2008 to 26 Dec 2013 Last updated: 16 Jan 2014 You can see our Historic… Continue reading

How to track Majestic’s true Fresh Updates

By Dixon Jones |

Here’s a sneaky little trick you can do to easily keep a track of how often Majestic SEO fully updates its Fresh Index calculations. You can usually see from our home page that we are constantly updating our index, but there are a huge number of iterative calculations that go on… Continue reading

Changing the way we look at links

By Dixon Jones |

There have been some interesting examples, recently, of how people are looking at links differently 2014. Earlier this week, Adam Mason posted a simple but effective way to calculate how “spammy” a website is, by dividing the Trust Flow of a web site with its Citation Flow.  Also this week, Aussie SEO Jim Stewart used…

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